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Piano Recital

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    


Don't let your neighbors choose a piano teacher for you. I strongly recommend you interview personally. When it is a great fit, it feels natural and time flies. Over 93% of my students came by referral but there was a good interview to begin the relationship. Teacher, student, and parent need to feel confident.  

 What to Expect 

Most students attend a 30 or 60 minute individual lesson at the same time each week. In that lesson, students experience a range of skill development including note reading, rhythmic awareness, improvisation, technical skills and aural skill development.

 Goals ​

Each child is unique. Their interests are fluctuating. Their abilities are different. Their effort is different. Each week, I strive to encourage students to reach an attainable goal given their long-term goal and other life activities. Students are encouraged to suggest music they are interested in. I have found my students to be very successful when also involved in school ensemble programs. In order to have piano playing as a lifelong skill, nothing replaces consistency. But it doesn't have to be my way or the highway. 


There are many opportunities for performance, competition, etc. Sometimes, we put our effort on display in the form of recitals. Music is meant to be shared - not for comparison to others but for the sheer enjoyment of the sounds. Sometimes, students need marker points on the calendar to have a goal. I can arrange performance opportunities to fit the child and family. If becoming a Music Major in college is it, great - I can do that. If not, GREAT! The next generation will need music patrons too. My biggest professional goal is to ensure the time of piano lessons (no matter how long) is remembered favorably. 

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