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Collaborative Piano

Choral accompanist


I am frequently used in the North Fulton and South Forsyth areas of North Atlanta. I can usually attend school rehearsals and also perform at weeknight choral concerts. I am available to perform at LGPE events. The fee depends on the volume of music, requested rehearsals and travel distance.

Vocal Coach


Perhaps you need to find a good 16 or 32 bar cut for a voice audition. Not only can I coach through those artistic choices with you and your teacher, but I can also record a practice or audition track. I work separately with singers who need help learning pitches and rhythms. This saves you valuable time and money before working with your voice teacher. 

Rehearsal pianist/pit keyboard


Would you like a pianist to play orchestra reduction so you can coach singers? Would you like a 2nd keyboardist to pick up the enriching sounds in an orchestra score? If so, I have limited availability to book lengthy gigs such as these. Please contact me for your needs and my calendar bookings. 

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